SIA «TBH Technic» is the representative of such a world leader in the production of equipment for the foundry industry, as Heinrich Wagner Sinto Maschinenfabrik Gmbh (

HWS it is moulding machines and lines for green sand technology, vacuum-film moulding lines, flaskless moulding machines and lines, equipment for sand regeneration and pouring machines. HWS is a member of the worldwide Sintokogio Group, Japan, and is today a leading manufacturer of moulding machines and related products for lines manufacturing high-quality moulds for foundries. Currently, the company HWS has in its portfolio many types of machines and lines used in the foundry industry to produce high-quality castings.

SEIATSU Moulding Machines

HWS has been designing SEIATSU moulding machines and plants since 1983. The SEIATSU airflow squeeze moulding process has undergone steady development and results in perfect moulding quality. Advantage of excellence in the castings are enjoyed equally on simple castings as well as sophisticated automotive products.


The flaskless moulding machines type FBO and FDNX for high quality castings is a compact machine design. As a result, the time required for installation is kept to a minimum and production can commence after only a short period of operator training.

VACUUM Moulding lines

This moulding process is based on the generation of a vacuum that deep-draws a thermoplastic contour film over a prepared pattern and that maintains the mould rigidity of the bonder-free sand during pouring and cooling up to the shakeout process.

Pouring Automats

HWS has developed automatic pouring machines for optimum mould pouring.. The temperature, flow rate and quantity of melt are all precisely controlled. As a result, all the castings of a production batch will be of homogenous and of consistently high quality.

Multi Pouring System

The Multi Pouring System permits the cost-effective production of castings of aluminum or grey cast iron in large-scale production with improved process reliability. With the Multi Pouring System, the foundry man may choose to either pour with the low-pressure process or with the conventional gravity process. There is a possibility to produce castings individually.

Software for foundries

The HWS software engineers provide various programs for the functional optimization and sequence control of modern moulding plants.
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