SIA “TBH Technic”

specializes in ferrous and nonferrous casting production and the design of the layout solutions, optimization of technological processes. Offers a wide range of services starting with the layout of the solution design and ending with the development of the unique technologies of each casting production, we have established partnership relations with a number of foundries. With reference to the present market situation, we may say that foundry plants are now granting us the right to represent their interests, concerning production and sale of ferrous and nonferrous castings. There are about twenty-one plants among our partners, they are from the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia, which means we are able to offer our solutions to almost any customer.

Our Specialists

Are highly skilled in the field of casting and forging. They have experience in these areas for more than 10 years. They gain their experience in major industries of Eastern and Western Europe.

Develop technical documentation for casting and forging production. According to customer’s specifications and drawings, we develop drawings of castings and forgings from great variety of alloys, we carry out designing tooling (patterns, core boxes, molds, stamps, etc.).

Company SIA “TBH Technic” is ready to offer the following services to the potential customers:

selection of the best manufacturing plant with reference to price/ quality/ logistics ratio on the basis of the potential customer’s inquiry

development and adjustment of casting production technology

delivery of castings to the customers

Our company always open and ready for a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

We are always

adhere to our motto