For many years the main focus of our company has been the production of castings made of grey and ductile cast iron with various configurations. There are a lot of possibilities to manufacture steel castings.

Variety of casting materials:

  • Grey cast iron EN-GJL-15, EN-GJL-20, EN-GJL-25
  • Ductile cast iron EN-GJS-40, EN-GJS-45, EN-GJS-50
  • EN-GJS-60, EN-GJS-70
  • Steel casting

The main customers are consumers from such areas as:

Automotive industry

Drainage systems

Manufacture of industrial and sport equipment

Equipment for vehicles

Railway transport

Power industry and etc

Manufacturing capabilities

We can provide with industrial products of all kinds at very competitive prices. We specialize in foundry output production in great variety of manufacturing techniques. These techniques include sand-, hand molding, automatic molding equipment.

Molding equipment is automatic molding lines (horizontal and vertical) with the following mold dimensions: 500х400х100-300,
for small and middle type of castings, 850х700х250/250,
1000х800х300/300 for middle and big type castings.

All molding production lines installed in foundry are made by world leaders in foundry equipment sector. Melting equipment is a medium frequency

inductive furnace with different capacity vary from 1.5 tons to 6 tons. That allow the precise chemical composition of the alloys. The average weight of castings vary from 0.05 to 150 kg.

There are other possibilities for the production of large castings weighing about 1500 kg hand molding place.

All parameters of molding sand and the molten metal are continuously monitored during the manufacturing process of your order, during which we examine the quality of the molding mixture, the chemical composition, temperature of the iron and its structure. Specialized foundry laboratory can control all the basic parameters of the castings. It is possible to carry out the following non-destructive tests: MPI, radiographic control.

The company's staff has extensive experience, allowing carrying out investigations of defective castings to determine the main types of defects and their causes of the defects.

Compiled recommendations are based on these results: to monitor all technological process and to produce high-quality castings.